About Us

Brief History

It is established with the purpose of advocating and enhancing e-governance and internet governance activities in Africa and beyond.

In order to successfully execute the mandates of EGIGFA, two other sub entities are registered: Ghana School on Internet Goverance (GhanaSIG) and Internet Governance Club. These sub entities, will among others, assist in outreach and engagement activities on Internet governance issues

EGIGFA will also serve as an avenue to reach out to the various governmental agencies in Africa that are responsible for ensuring effective e-governance issues are handled well to be informed, trained and enlightened on what to do. This is to ensure African countries perform well and get better ratings in the United Nation’s e-governance survey. This survey measures and rates the e-governance performances of member states and the African countries do not have good ratings.

EGIGFA was formed in August 2019, by Raymond, Sarata, Sedem and Jacob. They also serve as the executive committee members of the foundation and its sub-entities.


To see an Africa that is fully matured in e-Governance and Internet Governance participation and development.


To conduct advocacy, research and champion initiatives that encourage best practices and participation in e-Governance and Internet Governance across Africa. We will achieve this objective through strategic collaborations with all who share in the broad goals of an open, secure, trusted and globally-connected Internet.

The following are our objectives

  • Act as an outreach and advocacy body on e-governance and internet governance in Africa and beyond

  • Advice, guide and plan activities to enhance e-governance and internet governance to governments, governmental agencies, international agencies, corporate bodies and individuals

  • Organize capacity building, conferences, workshops and other events on e-governance and internet governance related activities in Africa

  • Bring together people who are interested in e-governance and internet governance related issue

  • Register and organize the Ghana School on Internet Governance

  • Operate a club called Internet Governance Club. This is to operate in schools, tertiary institutions, and at the community levels locally and internationally

Advisory Board

Members of Advisory Board

Ms. Vanda Scartezini

Advisory Board Member

Mr. Bram Fudzulani

Advisory Board Member

Mrs. Fatimata Seye Sylla

Advisory Board Member

Prof. Dr. Suhaidi Hassan

Advisory Board Member

Dr. Abdulkarim Oloyede

Advisory Board Member

Katambi Joan

Advisory Board Member

Glenn McKnight

Advisory Board Member

Executive Team

Executive Team Members


Founder & President


VP, Administration & Strategy


VP, Legal & Engagement


VP, Technology & Innovations