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Ghana School on Internet Governance

The Ghana School on Internet Governance (GhanaSIG) is an annual one week course, run by the E-Governance and Internet Governance Foundation for Africa (EGIGFA). Our goal is to develop a pipeline of leading Ghanaians and internationals from diverse sectors and backgrounds with the skills to participate in local and international internet governance policies, structures, and national discourse. The school will train new leaders of opinion in all aspects related to Internet Governance, from a global perspective.

Resource persons for training will be drawn from Ghana, international experts and role-players in the internet governance ecosystem. The school will provide a cutting-edge curriculum, exposure and hands-on experience in participating in internet governance mechanisms, as well as provide ongoing mentorship to our students.

Participants will be drawn from tertiary institutions, government, private and individuals with an interest in internet related issues. GhanaSIG is a recognized member of the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Governance Schools

Internet Governance Club

The club has the primary aim of building capacity of members on e-governance and internet governance related issues. This club will operate in schools, tertiary institutions and community levels. The purpose of having the club is to have a readily available youth that can be reached anytime. There are a lot of opportunities out there that the members can learn about and benefit from but they dont have the avenue to be told what they can do and how to do it.

Universal Acceptance Day Training & Awareness

Universal Acceptance (UA) Day is an opportunity to rally local, national, regional, and global communities and organizations around the world to spread UA awareness and to promote UA adoption with key stakeholders. The UA Day events will consist of awareness, training, strategy, academia, and adoption sessions held by the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG), ICANN, global partners, and regional and local organizations.
The Universal Acceptance (UA) of domain names and email addresses means all Internet-enabled applications and system are able to input, validate, process, store and display these identifiers, including those in local languages.  The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) in collaboration with EGIGFA works together to raise global awareness of UA.